It’s imperative to select a pediatrician before bringing baby home from the hospital. It’s not an easy decision, especially since a child is such a precious gift. Most parents want to ensure that their little ones have the best care possible. Think of it this way; the doctor is someone that must have an excellent bedside manner and be knowledgeable in their field.

Though they all go to medical school and get a degree, they are not all the same. Families of little ones spend up to six visits to the office just during the first year, so it’s essential to make sure that the family can work well with this physician. Here are a few things to do before making such a selection.

Check Social Media Reviews and Do Research!

Thankfully, social media is a tool to provide answers for those searching for a new doctor. However, none of the doctor rating sites require the people writing reviews to verify that they’ve ever actually seen the doctor. While these sites may provide some insight, they will seldom give the complete picture. It’s possible to learn quite a bit about someone just by their customer reviews. It’s easy to identify the pros and cons of a physician by other’s experiences. If a doctor has poor reviews, you should take them into consideration, but keep in mind, doctors see thousands of patients over their careers so these review sites do not paint a complete picture, only the views of the most vocal.

Ask doctors!

Ask non-pediatric doctors where they take their children. This is going to be a far more reliable way to find a good doctor for your loved ones than random, anonymous reviews from the internet. I find one of the biggest advantages of being a member of the medical community is that I have an inside source of information as to who the best docs are in my community.

Check Credentials

The two main specialties taking care of children are pediatricians and family practitioners. Both types of doctors have training in pediatrics but family practice doctors will also have trained in adult medicine and obstetrics. It’s essential to have someone that focuses on infants and those under 18 years of age. You want to be sure the person seeing your children is board certified in one of these two specialties. Also, how long have they been in practice? A new doctor fresh out of school will have had the the same hands-on-training as an older doc, but won’t have as much experience as someone who has practiced for a decade. Check their credentials before making an appointment.

Does The Doctor Have The Same Beliefs

Every doctor has a different approach when it comes to their practice. A parent must make sure that they can deal with the doctor and their beliefs. For instance, some only prescribe antibiotics when indicated and won’t cave to the pressure of parents who want antibiotics regularly for routine illnesses, then it may not be a good match. Some practices are closed to those who won’t vaccinate their children.

Making The Right Choice

It may take a few visits and some time to find the perfect pediatrician. However, don’t rush the process. Since this is a person that is responsible for the care of a child, it’s imperative to get it right.