As COVID 19 continues to impact the country, millions of Americans are forced to stay at home for their health and safety. Gyms and fitness centers, schools and parks, and many other public places are closed, which ultimately limits physical exercise and social interaction. Here’s four ways to stay physically and mentally healthy right now.


Transform Your Home Into a Gym

You can buy fitness equipment on Amazon and have it delivered within the same week. A treadmill, pull-up bar, pair of dumbbells, resistance bands, jump rope, stability ball, and other fitness equipment are portable and small enough to fit in your home while still giving you the ability to work on your cardio, range of motions, and weight training. There are also plenty of online resources to build your own workout even without equipment.


Transform Your Home Into a Library

Reading helps keep the neural networks in the brain healthy and functioning. Allot at least half an hour of your day towards reading new information, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction. Reading textbooks can hone your technical skills while novels can stimulate creativity. Audiobooks and e-books are good alternatives if you don’t have the means to acquire a physical copy.


Renovate Your Home

Minor renovations or woodworking projects can keep you physically and mentally busy while also providing an activity that the entire family can bond over. Adding a deck or building a treehouse with your children are only a few of the many projects that can fill your “Shelter in Place” days. Limit your home improvement projects to minor renovations as bigger projects tend to need more outside manpower and time.


Socialize Virtually

Social distancing protocol states that you are advised to put a minimum of six feet distance between yourself and other people. Social skills, however, affect a person’s mental health, and lack of socialization can lead to mood and behavioral disorders. Socialize by Skyping or Zooming with family and friends at least once a week. Call your parents or chat with friends on social media. Regardless of how you choose to go about it, try to interact with someone and have meaningful conversations when possible, all from a safe distance.


Staying physically and mentally healthy in these troubling times is key to keeping your immune system strong. Aside from the four tips above, be sure to complement your daily regimen with adequate amounts of sleep and a well-balanced diet.